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Your destiny is to shine, to live an orgasmic life and to celebrate your aliveness. You can have it all.

My gift to you: 5-Day Free Coaching to Create Your Destiny

Receive the tools and strategies that you've been missing so that you can access your golden destiny.  

A daily access to a video and a workbook.


Proven and powerful exercises every day.

A guided visualization process to collapse your timeline to start living your destiny today!

Read what people are saying
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Carla Rodriguez, Energy Healer

“The experience I had in every course I participated has been extraordinary. It has been a great opportunity to expand my knowledge, remember and more than that, to find thru the experience what I was seeking for so long. What your heart guides you to follow and live from there has been the best that I found and cannot be described in one word.”

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Gaby Esquivel, Stress & Anxiety Coach

"The Dance of Freedom has been a gift from me to me. It has helped me to release the voice of demands, doubts and fear. It allowed me to live from joy and freedom. Each encounter was a  space of non-judgement, a space to connect with my body and soul-a space to quiet the voice of my mind."

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Carla Heilbron, Fertility Mindset Coach

"Life gave me a great gift when I met Denisse. Through her courses and her private sessions, she has guided me to amazing trips where I recognized my creative energy, cut chords, healed patterns within myself and my ancestral tree, connected with my heart and intuition which has taken me to live with a new vitality and clarity. Thank you Denisse for your caring and loving way to guide me and accompany me on this journey."

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Amalai means "I am alive."

I am Amalai,

Founder of the Escuela Amalai,  Creator of the Dance of Freedom, Energy Healer and Guide to liberate Body+Mind+Soul.


I guide seekers on their journey of personal expansion and development of their oneness with Source so that they shine brightly, enjoy radical freedom and thrive in a magical life.


My mission is to help you remember and recognise your innate intelligences: mind, emotions, body, sexuality and spirit; Together, we activate these divine essences to become gateways that access your wisdom and to leap into a life of harmony, happiness, peace, freedom, curiosity, awe, fluidity and sensuality.  This is your Divine Song from your Inner Temple. 


If you are ready to bathe within your inner magic and reclaim your full sovereignty and authenticity, then let's chat!


Over many years of dedicatIon and service,  I have studied and learnt multitudes of modalities and practices that have equipped me to have both integrated and holistic insight. 


For example, subjects that I have studied:  Instructor of NLP and Time Line Therapy®; Angelic Reiki Master; Certified Coach by the ICF; Meditation Instructor; Yoga Teacher Trainer - 200; Sound Healing Therapist; Heartmath Certified Trainer for Resilience Advantage;  Akashic Healing Facilitator; PSYCH-K Facilitator;  Shamanic Breathwork; Sexual Shamanic Studies with ISTA; Shamanism and Lego Serious Play Facilitator.

About Me

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Let's work together


1:1 Sessions

You deserve to gain back your freedom, sovereignty, power, aliveness and love; so you can remember your essence and express your authenticity fearlessly. 

If you are ready and committed to dive deep, then this is for you. I offer from one session to a package of 3, 6, 9.

Learn More

Escuela Amalai

If you want to start now, access our programs that will transform your life, expand your consciousness and activate the inner teacher within you.


We offer English and Spanish Masterclasses and Programs, for different phases of your journey, access to our school NOW!

Lily Ortega

“My experience working with Amalai has been warmth, transformational and revealing. I can say that the work she does is adapted to each client. Her discernment and the way she teaches and explains helped me to comprehend concepts I heard before without understanding them. 

The methodology she uses is dynamic and effective. The themes and topics shake you off, confront you, enabling you to go back to your  essence.  It peels you off of the covers of your fears and limitation so you can reencounter with yourself, with your true-self.  She gives you reflections and an action plan for your individual work. 

In summary, what I value most about Amalai's work, is the dedication and commitment for our conscious evolution. She gives you the foundations first, then the tools for you to learn, enabling you to use them independently, whenever you need, in your daily life. 


¡What a great gift! If you truly desire to go through a profound transformation in an integrated way, then you are in the perfect space, here with Amalai.”

Live and Online Events

This is for the fully committed beings ready to go beyond. Amalai offers live training, international certifications, attunements, integrative advance programs and more for you to dive deep down and activate your inner teacher and inner healer.  If you want to know more, and access other freebies follow her in her social media or check the latest activities scheduled.

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Angelic Reiki

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More Testimonials

Cris  Arbenz

“Denisse is a great person and professional, who will transmit safety, clarity and serenity on each conversation. Regardless if the session was face to face or via web, each session is always very personal and deep, as much as you allow yourself to be.  Awakening to the present, travel thru time to conceal and be creative and free in relation to the future. Denisse has guided me to know myself more, to stop looking for who I am and just allow myself to be”. 



Learn about your inner temple, your gifts and tips for you to enable your true self.