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Marta  Madrigal

“I recommend Denisse, as it has been one of my best spiritual experiences and emotional. I was able to forgive others and myself about so many things that I thought I already forgave but on the deepest part of myself they were not.  Today, I can say that with her support I feel free and fulfilled 100%”.

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My Offerings

From stress and anxiety to calmness and assertiveness 1:1 coaching sessions

(Certified Trainer from the Heartmath Institute)

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Join this 8-hour program and train yourself with powerful techniques and easy to implement practices that will improve your performance, quality of life and resilience.

Learn techniques and strategies that are practical, simple and effective that will help you to keep up your high performance, health and maintain your quality of life.

The stress has no boundaries, it steals your sleep, your health and your happiness, and sometimes you make decisions that later you regret. However, you have the power to change this.  Learning how the stress operates, will allow you to take proactive steps for you and the ones that surround you.

The main objective of this course is to teach you about coherence which is an optimal psychological state that will help you to prevent and reduce stress, increase resilience, and promote your emotional wellbeing. 

1:1 coaching sessions

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Denisse offers 1:1 sessions with a minimum of 3 sessions and as long as 9 sessions. She will accompany you in your process to gain back your freedom, sovereignty, power, aliveness and love; so you can remember your essence and express your authenticity fearlessly.

Book your free session now so that we can confirm that we are a match and agree with your readiness to start this evolutionary process; where you’ll take that quantum leap you’ve been desiring for.

If you want to learn more about this session, download the PDF.

Live and Online Events

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Denisse offers live training, international certifications, attunements, sacred feminine circles, as well as embodiment sessions through group sessions where we dive deep down with the dance of freedom and shamanic healings. If you want to know more, and access other freebies follow her in her social media:

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My childhood years were spent in Peru laughing, playing and dancing! As an adult, I spent 21 years working in a corporate job managing projects and people across countries, until deep emotional and mental traumas arose from my life, such as: Patterns of abandonment, self-worth, and invisibility stemming from my parents divorce, as well as, memories of adolescent cancer emerged. Pandora’s box opened up!

As my past was uncovered, I began to have issues with my throat and was getting a cold consistently every month. Finally, a doctor confirmed what my intuition already told me, something was growing in my throat and surgery was required.

Transform + Live

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Cris  Arbenz

“Denisse is a great person and professional, who will transmit safety, clarity and serenity on each conversation. Regardless if the session was face to face or via web, each session is always very personal and deep, as much as you allow yourself to be.  Awakening to the present, travel thru time to conceal and be creative and free in relation to the future. Denisse has guided me to know myself more, to stop looking for who I am and just allow myself to be”. 

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Inside you have all the tools to guide you along the path. Your heart has the answers within. Let's explore how to reconnect with ourselves and embrace our inherent wisdom. <3



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